Top 3 Reasons for Air-conditioning in the Workplace

Ever wondered why businesses opt to have air-conditioning systems installed in their workplace? This is a question we get asked quite often and so we've decided to share our top 3 reasons with you below.

1. Temperature Control

The most obvious reason is being able to adjust and control the temperature between seasons. Whether its to be warmer in the winter or cooler in the summer an air-conditioning system is by far the fastest and most cost effective way to reach or maintain the desired temperature.

2. Increased Productivity

It has been scientifically proven that comfort levels directly effect productivity in the workplace. While there aren't currently any laws in New Zealand, employers are still responsible for providing a safe and healthy working environment, this includes reasonable ventilation. Studies show that most climate control systems in modern offices are based on the resting metabolic rate of a 40-year-old man, which runs up to 30 per cent faster than a woman's. Worksafe New Zealand recommends air conditioning units be set to between 19C and 24C in the summer and 18C and 22C in the winter.

3. Health Benefits

Extreme temperatures can cause illnesses leading staff to take sick leave, an added expense to the company. Here at Temprite we work with you to build a regular servicing plan of your equipment. This includes changing the filter every few months to make sure any disease-causing microorganisms don’t thrive in your air-conditioned rooms.

In conclusion, regular maintenance and checks are needed to ensure workplace air conditioning is working at optimal levels at all times. Overall, an effective and efficient workplace air conditioning system is vital; not only for overall cost savings but to ensure maximum comfort and productivity.

The Team,

Temprite Refrigeration Auckland Ltd

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